The Reserve Book Collection is located behind the Circulation Counter. It contains the materials recommended by lecturers for various courses in each semester. The materials consist of the following:  
  • Books
  Handout and lecture notes  
  Electronic files  
  The materials in this collection can be searched in the Online Public Access Catalogue by Lecturer Name and Course ID in addition to access points such as author, title and call number.  
  For search a reserve book by course ID, please click here.  
  For search a reserve book by Name of lecturer, please click here.  
  Rule for Reserve course materials:  
  - The Reserve Course materials are circulated on a restricted basis as requested by the faculty at the begining of each semester in order to ensure the availability of the materials which are assigned for readings.  
  The materials in this collection are not allowed to be reserved. It is on a first come first served basis.  
  - Renewal is not allowed.  
  An exception will be made if:  
  - Many copies are available. The first copy can be lent for one day while the other ones are allowed for three days.  
  - Nobody borrows the material after 15 minutes of its check-in. The patron who has returned it can check it out again.  
  - Overdue fine charges:20 Baht per day. Records of fines will be kept if they are not yet settled.  
  All reserve materials will be cleared at the end of each semester