Number of Book Loan and Periods

Maximum number of items and loan periods for general collections categorized by patron types are as follows:


Patron type Number of items Periods
Bachelor 4 2 weeks
  • Master Student
  • Diploma Student
  • Exchange Student
  • CAS Student
  • Fellow/Special Student
  • Bridging Student
  • Staff
8 2 weeks
  • Doctoral Student
  • Postdoc. Fellow
12 2 weeks
Faculty 30 3 months
External member
  • AIT Alumni
  • Inter-library loan
  • Others
3 2 weeks


Please note that the materials on loan will not be renewed if they are reserved by another user. Patrons will be noticed by e-mail or by phone.



Reserve course materials.

Items on reserve for course study have shorter loan periods. All materials in this collection such as Files, Books, Document, CD-ROM etc. can be borrowed for only 1 day.


Past examination papers

Past examination papers can be borrowed for 5 hours.

Please contact Reference Section during the office hours: 8.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.


UG collection

Books in UG collection can be borrowed for 1 week.


The following library materials shall not be taken out of the library:

- Journals, Periodicals

- Reference Books

- Books in Prof. Wen-Jei Yang Collection

- Books in UGSL Collection


To return library materials after office hours:

Just drop the library materials in the Book Drop which is located on the side of the Library.