JourNal collection


The Journal Collection consists of back issue print journals - both unbound copies and bound volumes which are arranged alphabetically by title and are kept on the 2nd floor. The volumes published prior to 1970 are kept separately in the compact shelf storage. To get access to them, please contact the circulation desk for assistance.

List of print journals in alphabetical order. Browse by title:


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R & D Management 

The Ragan Report 

Rand Journal of Economics 

Rapid Prototyping Journal 

Rapid Prototyping

Report RE News 

Reading in a Foreign Language 

Recherche et Architecture 

Regional and Urban Economics 

Regional Development Dialogue 

Regional Development Studies 

Regional Journal of Energy, Heat and Mass Transfer 

Regional Science and Urban Economics 

Regional Studies RELC Journal 

Remote Sensing in Canada 

Remote Sensing Letters 

Remote Sensing of Earth

Resources : A Quarterly Bibliography 

Remote Sensing of Environment 

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 

Renewable Energy 

Renewable Energy Bulletin 

Renewable Energy Directory 

Renewable Energy Experts Directory 

Renewable Energy Index 

Renewable Energy Products Directory 

Renewable Energy Review Journal 

Renewable Energy World 

Report of Public Works

Research Institute  [Japan] 

Report of the fourteenth Meeting of the CIRDAP Technical Committee : 29-30 November 1998, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Report of the Port and Airport

Research Institute [Japan] 

Report of the Port and Harbour

Research Institute [Japan] 

RERIC International Energy Journal 

RERIC News Research and Development in Agriculture 

Research and Development Journal of the Engineering Institute of Thailand 

Research and Innovation 

Research Management  

Research Policy : a Journal Devoted to

Research Policy, Research  Management and Planning 

Research Technology Management

Research Update :  Research and Market Analysis Group 

Resource and Energy Economics 

Resource : Engineering and Technology for a Sustainable World 

Resource Recovery and Conservation 

Resource Sharing and Information Networks 


Resources and Conservation 

Resources and Energy 

Resources Policy 

RESTEC Newsletter 

Review of Economic Studies 

Review of Economics and Statistics 

Review of Educational

Research Review of Indonesian and Malayan Affairs 

Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics 

Review of Scientific Instruments 

Review of Social Economy 

Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology 

Reviews in Molecular Biotechnology 

Reviews of Geophysics 

Revue de l'Energie 

Revue d'Economie Industrielle 

Revue Francaise de Geotechnique 

Revue Francaise de Gestion 

Revue Generale de Thermique : Combustibles, Energie, Equipements Thermiques 

Revue Generale des Routes et des Aerodromes

Revue Generale du Froid 

Revue Internationale d'Heliotechnique 

Revue Internationale d'Oceanographie Medicale 

Rhode Island Division of Planning Monthly Progress Report 

RIBA Journal 

Rice Literature Update 

Risk Analysis 

Rivista Italiana di Geotechnica 

Road & Transport Research 

Road International 

Road Research Unit Newsletter 

Roads and Road Construction 

Roads and Streets 

Rock Mechanics 

Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology 

Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 

Round Table 

Royal Society of Health Journal 

RTAC Forum 

Rural and Environmental Engineering 

Rural Development Abstracts 

Rural Extension, Education and Training Abstracts

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