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The Journal Collection consists of back issue print journals - both unbound copies and bound volumes which are arranged alphabetically by title and are kept on the 2nd floor. The volumes published prior to 1970 are kept separately in the compact shelf storage. To get access to them, please contact the circulation desk for assistance.

List of print journals in alphabetical order. Browse by title:


U V W YZ  


 E E News 

Energy and Environment 

Earth and Mineral Sciences 

Earth Observation Quarterly 

Earth Science and Related Information 

Earth Science Reviews 

Earth Surface Processes 

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 

Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics : the Journal of the International Engineering and Structural Dynamics 

Earthquake Engineering Research Center News 

Earthquake Information Bulletin 

Earthquake Spectra: The Professional Journal of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute 

Earthquakes & Volcanoes 

Earthscan Bulletin 




Ecological Abstracts 

Ecological Economics 

Ecological Modelling : International journal on ecological modelling and engineering and systems ecology 




Econometrics Journal 

Economic and Political Weekly 

Economic Bulletin for Asia and the Far East 

Economic Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific 

Economic Development and Cultural Change 

Economic Geography 

Economic Impact 

Economic Journal 

Economic Modelling 

Economic Progress Report 

Economic Report  Korea's Leading Business Magazine 

Economic Review 



Economie de l'Energie 


EContent : The Magazine of Electronic Research & Resources 

EDI Review 

EDN Magazine : Electronic Technology for Engineers and Engineering Managers 

Education and Culture Education and Training 

Education in Asia and the Pacific : Reviews, Reports and Notes Educational Action Research 

Educational and Training Technology International 

Educational Researcher 

Educational Review 

Educational Technology 

Educational Theory 

Effluent and Water Treatment Journal 

EIT Technology 

EIU World Outlook 

Ekistic Index of Periodicals 


Electric Light and Power Electric Power Components and Systems 

Electric Power Systems Research 

Electrical and Electronics Abstracts  Science Abstracts Series B 

Electrical Communication 

Electrical Construction and Maintenance 

Electrical Engineering 

Electrical Engineering Transactions 

Electrical Review 

Electricity Journal 

Electro Technology 

Electronic Application News 

Electronic art and animation catalog : celebrating 25 years of discovery 

Electronic Business Asia 

Electronics (V.22-26 , V.50 , V.51-57) 

Electronics ( V.58 ) 

Electronics and Communication Engineering Journal 

Electronics and Communications in Japan 

Electronics and Communications in Japan : Part I: Communications 

Electronics and Communications in Japan : Part II: Electronics 

Electronics and Communications in Japan : Part III: Fundamental

Electronic Science 

Electronics and Power 

Electronics Australia 

Electronics Letters 

Electronics Weekly 


Elektor Electronics 

ELT Journal 

EM  Environmental Manager 

Endeavour : A Reviw of the Progress of Science and Technology in the Service of Mankind 


Energy & Environment 

Energy and Fuels 

Energy Conversion 

Energy Conversion and Management 

Energy Detente 

Energy Digest 

Energy Digest : Tata

Energy Research Institute 

Energy for Sustainable Development : The Journal of the International

Energy Initiative 

Energy in Agriculture 

Energy Index 

Energy Information Abstracts 

Energy Journal 

Energy Management 

Energy Policy : International Journal of the Political, Economic, Planning and Social Aspects of Energy 

Energy Review 

Energy Sources  Part A, Recovery Utilization and Environmental Effects 

Energy Systems and Policy Energy Technology 

Energy Today 

Enfo : Environmental Systems Information Center The Engineer 


Engineering and Contract Record 

Engineering and Science 

Engineering Computations 

Engineering Construction and Architectural Management 

Engineering Construction World 

Engineering Cost and Production

Economics The Engineering Designer 

Engineering Digest 

Engineering Economist 

Engineering Education 

Engineering Geology 

Engineering Index Monthly and Author Index 

Engineering Journal 

Engineering Journal  [Canada] 

Engineering Journal of Singapore 

Engineering Journal  [Taipei] 

Engineering Journal  [Thailand] 

Engineering Management International 

Engineering Materials and Design 

Engineering News 

Engineering News-Record 

Engineering Structures : The Journal of Earthquake, Wind and Ocean


Engineers Australia 

Engineers' Digest 

English for Specific Purposes 

English Language Teaching 

English Language Teaching Journal 

ENR Entropie : Revue Internationale d'Energetique, Genie Chimique, Genie Bibliogique 


Environment Abstracts 

Environment and Development

Economics Environment and Planning A 

Environment and Planning  B, Planning and Design 

Environment and Planning  D, Society and Space 

Environment and Urbanization 

Environment Index


Environment International 

Environment Protection

Engineering Environmental and Engineering Geoscience 

Environmental Conservation 

Environmental Engineering 

Environmental Engineering 

Environmental Engineering Science 

Environmental Ethics 

Environmental Finance 

Environmental Geology 

Environmental Geology and Water Sciences 

Environmental Geology : International Journal of Geosciences 

Environmental Health 

Environmental Health 

Environmental Health and Pollution Control 

Environmental Health Perspectives 

Environmental Impact Assessment Review 

Environmental Management 

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 

Environmental Pollution 

Environmental Pollution Management 

Environmental Pollution  Series A: Ecological and Biological 

Environmental Professional 

Environmental Research Section A 

Environmental Sanitation Abstracts 

Environmental Sanitation Reviews 

Environmental Science and Technology 

Environmental Systems Reviews 

Environmental Technologies for Thai Industries 

Environmental Technology 

Environmental Technology Letters 


Enzyme and Microbial Technology : Biotechnology Research and Review 

EOS Transactions 


EPRI Journal 

EPSM Newsletter 


European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics 


Ericsson Review 

ESA Journal 

ESCAP Environment News 

ESP Journal 

ESP Malaysia 

ESPMENA Bulletin 

Essays in Chemistry 

Essential Teacher 

EurAmerica : a Journal of European and American Studies 

Euro abstracts   Section II:  Coal and steel 


Euromoney : The Monthly Journal of International Money and Capital Markets 

European Economic Review 

European Journal of Applied Microbiology 

European Journal of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 

European Journal of Development Research 

European Journal of Engineering Education 

European Journal of Innovation Management 

European Journal of Operational Research 

European Journal of Sociology 

European Journal of Soil Science 

European Management Journal 

Evaluation and Program Planning 

Evaluation Quarterly 

Evaluation Review 

Excavating Engineer 

Experimental Agriculture 

Experimental Heat Transfer

Exan International Journal 

Experimental Mechanics 

Experiments in Fluids b

Experimental Methods and their Applications to Fluid Flow

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