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The Journal Collection consists of back issue print journals - both unbound copies and bound volumes which are arranged alphabetically by title and are kept on the 2nd floor. The volumes published prior to 1970 are kept separately in the compact shelf storage. To get access to them, please contact the circulation desk for assistance.

List of print journals in alphabetical order. Browse by title:


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CALICO Journal 

California Agriculture 

California Highways and Public Works 

California Management Review 

Canada Agriculture 

Canadian Agricultural Engineering 

Canadian Aquaculture 

Canadian Biosystems Engineering  The Journal of the

Canadian Society for Engineering in Agriculture, Food, and Biological Systems 

Canadian Consulting Engineer 

Canadian Farm Economics 

Canadian Geotechnical Journal 

Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology Journal 

Canadian Institute of Food Technology Journal 

Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 

Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 

Canadian Journal of Economics 

Canadian Journal of Soil Science 

Canadian Research 

Cargo Systems International 

Carisplan Abstracts 

Cataloging and Classification Quarterly 

Cataloging Service Bulletin 

Cement and Concrete Research 

Cement Technology 

Centre Belge d' Etude et de Documentation des Eaux 

CEPR Bulletin 

Cereal Chemistry 

Cereal Foods World 

Ceres : FAO Review on Agriculture and Development 

CF Letter 

CFA Newsletter 

Challenge : the Magazine of Economic Affairs 

Chartered Civil Engineer 

Chartered Mechanical Engineer 

Chartered Municipal Engineer 

Chayanica Geologica 

Chem Tech 

Chemical and Engineering News 

Chemical Engineering 

Chemical Engineering Education 

Chemical Engineering in Australia 

Chemical Engineering Progress 

Chemical Engineering Research and Design 

Chemical Geology 

Chiang Mai University Journal 

Chinese Journal of Ge  

Chinese Mathematics 

Choices  : the Human Development Magazine 

CICS Update 

CIE Newsletter 

CIRP Annals 

Cities Civil Engineer in South Africa 

Civil Engineer International 

Civil Engineering and Construction Journal 

Civil Engineering and Construction Journal KU 

Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems 

Civil Engineering and Public Works Review 

Civil Engineering Hydraulics Abstracts Civil Engineering  [London] 

Civil Engineering Magazine 

Civil Engineering Practice 

Civil Engineering Systems 

CIWM Scientific & Technical Review  Research and Technical Papers for Waste Management Professionals 

CIWM : The Journal for Waste and Resource Management Professionals 

Clay Minerals 

Clay Minerals Bulletin 

Clays and Clay Minerals 

Climatological Data  National Summary 

Coastal Engineering : an International Journal for Coastal, Harbour and Offshore Engineers 

Coastal Engineering Journal 

COGEN Special Issue : Euro-Asean Biomass Energy Projects 

Cognitive Science 

Collected Algorithms from ACM 

College and Research Libraries 

Columbia Journal of World Business 

Commonwealth Engineer 

Commonwealth Forestry News 

Commonwealth Regional Renewable Energy Resources Index 

Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering 

Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 

Communications of the ACM 

Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 

Community Development Journal 

Comparative Studies in Society and History 

Comparative Urban Research 


Composites Science and Technology 

Compost Science /Land Utilization 

Compressed Air 

Computational Intelligence 

Computational Mechanics 


Civil and Infrastructure Engineering 

Computer Aided Design 

Computer Aided Geometric Design 

Computer Architecture News 

Computer Communication Review 

Computer Communications 

Computer Decisions 

Computer Design 

Computer Equipment Review 

Computer Graphics 

Computer Graphics World 

Computer Journal 

Computer Languages 

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 

Computer Networks and ISDN Systems 

Computer Networks : the International Journal of

Computer and Telecommunications Networking 

Computer Weekly 

Computers and Artificial Intelligence 

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 

Computers and Fluids 

Computers and Geosciences 

Computers and Geotechnics 

Computers and Industrial Engineering 

Computers and Operations Research 

Computers and Society 

Computers and Structures 

Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 

Computers in Industry 

Computers in Libraries : Complete Coverage of Library Information Technology 

Computing and Informatics 

Computing Reviews 

Computing SA Concrete 

Concrete Abstracts 

Concrete Construction 

Concrete International 

Concrete Quarterly 

Concrete Works International 

Concurrent Engineering : Research and Applications 

Connect Conrad : Construction Research and Development Journal 

Conservation Conservation and Recycling Conservation Biology 

Conservation in Practice Construction Construction Contracting 

Construction Industry International 

Construction Innovation 

Construction Management and Economics 

Construction Repairs and Maintenance 

Construction Today 

Construction Weekly 

Consulting Engineer 

Contemporary Review 

Contemporary Southeast Asia : a Journal of International and Strategic Affairs 

Contours : the Ecumenical

Coalition on Third World Tourism 

Contract Journal 

Control and Instrumentation 

Control Engineering 

Cooperation South 

Corrosion Science : Journal on Environmental Degradation of Materials and Its Control 

Cost and Management 

Cost Engineering 

Courrier du CNRS 

CRI/ICEIT Newsletter 

Critical Asian Studies 

Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

Critical Reviews in Biotechnology 

Critical Reviews in Environmental Control 

Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 

Critical Reviews in Microbiology 

Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences 

CSIRO Index 

CSIRO Industrial Research News 

Cultural Trends 

Current Contents  Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences 

Current Contents  Social and Behavioral Sciences 

Current Literature on Appropriate Technology Abstracts 

Current Microbiology 

Current Practices in Geotechnical Engineering 

Current Science and Technology Research in Japan 

Curriculum Studies

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