Past Examination Papers


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List of available courses:
AT70.01 Computer organization and architecture
AT70.02 Data structures and aglgorithms
AT70.03 Theory of computation
AT70.05 Computer networks
AT70.07Programming languages and compilers
AT70.08 Operation systems
AT70.09 Computer graphics and animation
AT70.10 Paradigms of artificial intelligence
AT70.11 Personalization in e-business
AT70.12 Web application engineering
AT70.15 Advanced topics in internet technology
AT70.17 XML : foundations, techniques
AT70.18 Software architecture design
AT70.19 Software development and quality improvement
AT71.01 Database design
AT71.03 E-business development and technology
AT71.04 Decision support technologies
AT71.05 Information systems development
AT71.06 Human computer interaction
AT71.9001 Information visualization
AT72.01 Deterministic optimization models
AT72.02 Production and operation management
AT72.03 Statistical models and design of experiments
AT72.04 Engineering economy
AT72.05 Quality control and management
AT72.08 Stochastic decision models
AT72.09Inventory and logistics management
AT72.10 Scheduling and sequencing
AT72.11 Modeling & simulation of discrete event systems
AT73 .02 Advanced manufacturing processes
AT73.03 Engineering metrology
AT73.05 Eco-design and manufacturing system
AT73.06 Product design and development
AT73.07 Industrial packaging design and technology
AT73.08 Flexible manufacturing systems
AT73.09 Assembly processes and systems
AT74.01 Kinematics and dynamics of mechnisms and robotics
AT74.02 Control theory
AT74.03 Sensing and actuation
AT74.04 Digital and analog circuit design
AT74.05 AI and neuro-fuzzy theory
AT74.06 Pattern recognition and image processing
AT74.07 Automation Technology
AT74.08 Microprocessor systems
AT74.09 Robust and adaptive control
AT74.9003 Fundamental of disk drive technology
AT74.9007 Servo control
AT76.01 Geographic information systems
AT76.02 Mapping technology
AT76.03 Remote sensing
AT76.04 Aerospace technology
AT76.06 Advanced technology in GIS
AT76.07 Advanced mapping techniques
AT76.09 Digital image processing in remote sensing
AT76.10 Advanced remote sensing
AT76.12 Principles of remote sensing
AT76.14 Digital photogrammetry
AT76.15 Microwave remote sensing
AT76.16 Advanced application development in GIS
AT76.9010 Advanced aerospace technology global positioning and na
AT76.9013 Spatial analysis methods in GIS
AT76. 9015 Workshop on image analysis study
AT76.9021Web GIS technology
AT77.01 Telecommunication networks
AT77.02 Signals, systems and stochastic process
AT77.03 Digital transmission technologies
AT77.04 Data communications
AT77.05 Tele-traffic engineering
AT77.06 Multimedia communications and systems
AT77.07 Cellular mobile systems
AT77.08 Network planning
AT77.09 Error control coding
AT77.10 Cellular network planning
AT77.11 Digital modulation techniques
AT77.12 Switching systems
AT77.13 Digital communications
AT77.14 Fiber optic components and systems
AT77.15 Satellite communications
AT77.16 Digital signal processing
AT77.17 Network quality of service
AT77.18 Optical network
AT77.19 Optimization for communications and networks
AT77.9003 Advanced wireless communication systems
AT77.9004 Interactive transmission over IP networks
AT77.9007 Statistical communication theory
AT77.9008 Advanced signal processing for wireless communications
AT77.9009 Discrete time statistical signal processing
AT77.9013 Network simulation and modeling using NS2 
AT77.9014Mathematics for telecommunications
AT77.9015 Probability theory
AT80.01 ICT applications : users and producers
AT80.02 ICT applications : project design
AT80.9003 ICT application: project implementation
AT81.01 Microelectronic fabrication technology
AT81.02 Digital integrated circuit design
AT81.03 Advanced semiconductor device theory
AT81.04 Recording head technology
AT81.05 Analog integrated circuit design
AT81.07 Micro-electro mechanical systems
AT81.08 Advanced VLSI system design
AT81.09 Optoeletronic materials and devices
AT81.10 Fundamentals of IC packaging assembly and test
AT81.11 Mixed signal IC design
AT81.12 Nanomaterials & nanotechnology
AT81.13 Failure analysis of devices
AT81.9006 HDD manufacturing basics
CE08.13 Urban/regional transportation analysis and planning methods
CE70.11 Project cost and financial management
CE70.12 Organizational management in construction
CE70.13 Research methodology in build and environment
CE70.21 Integrated project planning and control
CE70.22 Legal and constractural risk management
CE70.23 Project performance management
CE70.33 Occupational safety and health management in construction
CE70.41 Infrastructure system analysis and management
CE70.43 Project finance
CE70.9004 Applied project management in housing and real estate project
CE70.9008 Applied project management in oil/gas projects
CE70.9009 Applied project management in high rise building
CE70.9011 Applied project management
CE70.9012 Applied project management petrochemical project
CE71.12 Rock mechanics
CE71.31 Engineering geology
CE71.41 Analytical numerical methods in geotechnical engineering
CE71.42 Numerical methods in geotechnical engineering
CE71.51 Foundation engineering and design
CE71.53 Undergound excavations and tunnelling
CE71.61 Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering
CE71.63 Workflow in oil and gas operations
CE71.65 Exploration geophysics
CE71.66 Petroleum reservoir engineeing
CE71.68 Well logging interpretation
CE71.69 Fundamentals of geoexploration
CE71.70 Petro-physics
CE72.11 Computer methods of structural analysis
CE72.12 Finite element methods in engineering
CE72.21 Structural dynamics
CE72.22 Wind and earthquake engineering
CE72.31 Continuum mechanics
CE72.32 Tall buildings
CE72.41 Advanced concrete technology
CE72.42 Experimental methods in structural engineering
CE72.51 Advanced steel structures
CE72.52 Advanced concrete structures
CE72.62 Forensic engineering : structural evaluation and retrofitting of structures
CE72.90 Advance topics in bridge engineering
CE72.9007 Advanced topics in design of tall buildings and bridges
CE73.11 Transportation Systems
CE73.14 Transportaion economics and project evaluation
CE73.15 Public transportation systems
CE73.16 Logistics systems
CE73.17 Airport planning and design
CE73.22 Planning for traffic safety and injurry prevention
CE73.24 Intelligent transportation systems
CE73.32 Design and performance of highway and airport pavement
CE73.33 Pavement management systems
CE73.36 Urban/regional transportation analysis and planning methods
CE73.37 Transporataion demand modeling and forescasting
CE73.39 Traffic engineering
CE73.39 Traffic systems
CE73.40 Advance geometric design and highway safety
CE73.9005Logistics systems
CE74.11 Watershed hydrology
CE74.12 Hydrodynamics
CE74.13 Water resources systems
CE74.14 Concepts in water medeling
CE74.21 Irrigation and drainage engineering
CE74.22 Irrigation and drainage systems management
CE74.31 Coastal and estuarine processes
CE74.32 Coastal zone management
CE74.41 Water supply and sanitation
CE74.42 Urban drainage management
CE74.51 River engineering and modeling
CE74.52 Ground water development & management
CE74.53 Land and water conservation and mangement
CE74.54 Integraed water resources management
CE74.55 Modeling of water resources
CE74.61 Flood modeling and management
CE74.71 EIA and GIS applications in water resources
CE74.72 Laboratory and field practices
CE74.81 Planning and development of hydropower
CE74.82 Design of hydropower structures
CE74.83 Mangement of hydropower system
CE74.9001 Research design and experimental
CE74.9002 Climate change and water resources
CE74.9004Climate change impacts vulnerability and adaptations : concepts, tools and practice
CE80.70 Legal and regulatory issues in oil and gas business
CE81.71 Introduction to offshore structural engineering
CE81.72 Dynamics of offshore structures
CE81.73 Fabrication engineering and marine operation
CE81.74 Design of fixed offshore structures
CE81.81 The economics of oil and gas project
CE81.82 Cost management for oil and gas exploration, development, production
CE81.85 Legal risks in the oil and gas industry
CE81.9001 Advanced computational methods of structural analysis and design
CE81.9005 Project management for the oil and gas industry
CE81.9006 Advanced steel materials & design for offshore steel platforms
CE81.9007 Financial management for oil and gas industry
CE81.9008 Economic risk and decision analysis for oil and gas industry
CE81.9010 Safety aspects in oil and gas industry CE81.9011 Subsea technology
CE81.9012 Structural safety and reliability of fixed offshore platform
CE81.9013 Petroleum production engineering
CE81.9015 Drilling and well completion operations
CE81.9016 Asset integrity management for oil and gas industry
CE81.9020 Project and contract management for oil and gas industry
CE81.9023 Group project : choom pu platform commissioning
CE81.9024 Probability, statistics and uncertainty for oil and gas decision making
CE81.9030Marine engineering for deep water
CE91.9002 The economics of oil and gas
ED11.35Rural regional planning workshop
ED12.22 Integrated natural resource planning and policy
ED12.22 Integrated natural resources and environmental planning
ED12.22 Tropical ecosystems
ED12.23 Land degradation modeling and resources management
ED12.25 Forestration and agroforestry
ED12.34 Biodiversity conservation: policy, planning and management
ED12.35 Research design, data analysis and report preparation
ED12.98X Natural resources mapping techniques
ED12.98Y Biodiversity conservation policy planning and management
ED12.98Y Colloquium on natural resources conservation and management
ED12.98Y Research design and methods
ED12.98Z Integrated watershed development and management planning
ED60.9003 Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance
ED70.01 Farm Production Engineering
ED70.03 Agricultural Systems Analysis
ED70.04 Ergonomics
ED70.05 Design and testing of agricultural equipment
ED70.07 Agricultural Environments
ED70.08 Crop productivity management
ED70.11 Farm Mangement Economics
ED70.12 Precision agricultural
ED70.13 Agricultural soil mechanics
ED70.14 Instrument and measurement techniques
ED70.15 Aquacultural System and Engineering
ED70.16 Controlled environment agriculture
ED70.17 Crop eco-physiology and modeling
ED70.18 Integrated pest management
ED70.19 Land husbandry
ED70.21 Agriculture sector & policy analysis
ED70.22 Advanced agricultural experimentation
ED71.01 Analytical techniques in aquaculture
ED71.04 Aquatic seed production
ED71.06 Principles of integrated coastal zone mangement
ED71.09 Coastal and inland fisheries mangement
ED71.23 Aquatic biodiversity and conservation
ED71.24 Tools for intergrated coastal zone management
ED71.25 Aquculture and aquatic resources systems
ED71.26 Coastal and inland aquculture
ED71.27 Aquacultural engineering and water quality management
ED71.36 Aquaculture nutrition and feed technology
ED71.37 Wetland ecosystem management
ED71.42 Marine & coastal ecosystems
ED71.43 Thesis research workshop
ED72.01 Energy resources and technologies
ED72.02 Energy audit and thermal energy management
ED72.03 Rational use of energy in industry
ED72.04 Organization and finance of power utility
ED72.05 Demand-side management
ED72.06 Design and management of energy systems
ED72.07 Power system design and operation
ED72.08 Power distribution system
ED72.10 Computer aided power system analysis
ED72.11 Rural electrification and distributed generation
ED72.12 Energy statistics and energy demand forcasting
ED72.15 Energy price theory and application
ED72.16 Efficient lighting and daylighting
ED72.17Energy mangement for buildings
ED72.18 Advanced tedhnologies for energy management in buildings
ED72.19 Biomass conversion
ED72.20 Workshop on energy issues and communication
ED72.21Power system dynamics and stability
ED72.22Power sector management under deregulation
ED72.23Optimization and AI applications in powerE
D72.24 Electricity Economics and Planning 
ED72.25 Energy economics modeling and policy analysis
ED72.26 Environmental policy and management of energy systems
ED72.27 Natural gas economics
ED72.28 Solar energy
ED72.29 Design methods and applications
ED72.30 Energy, environment & climate change
ED72.31 Electrical energy mangement
ED72.37 Integrated approach to energy auditing
ED72.9002 Selected topic : rational use of energy in buildings
ED72.9006 Productive uses of energy : rural applications/sustainable development
ED72.9007 Clean coal and waste to energy technologies
ED72.9010 Hydrocarbon engineering
ED72.9011 Distributed generation
ED72.9012 Electric power quality
ED72.9018 Clean coal technologies and carbon capture and sequestration
ED72.9021 Selected topic : energy risk management
ED72.9022 Selected topic : smart grid for sustainable development
ED72.9023 Selected topic : energy management system
ED72.9025 Clean coal technologies and carbon
ED73.01 Food process engineering
ED73.02 Post harvest engineering
ED73.03 Bioprocess technology
ED73.05 Industrial microbiology
ED73.06 Food engineering operations
ED73.08 Numerial computations in food process engineering
ED73.09 Engineering properties of food materials
ED73.10 Food process engineeing laboratory
ED73.11 Bioseperation processes
ED73.12 Advanced bioprocess technology application
ED73.13 Bioprocess practica
ED73.14 Enzyme and DNA technology
ED73.9002 Processing effects of functional components foods
ED74.01 Pulp manufacture
ED75.01 Gender development : principles and concepts
ED75.02 Society, technology and health
ED75.03 Gender, enterprise, and organization
ED75.04 Gender, rural livelihoods and sustainable development
ED75.05 Gender, technology and economics development
ED75.06 Gender, culture and human development
ED75.07 Gender analysis and gender-responsive develoment planning
ED75.08 New technologies, industrialization and gender
ED75.10 Gender, urbanization and urban management
ED75.9003 Gender, environment and development workshop
ED75.9004 Gender policies, civil society and human rights
ED75.9005 Gender, migration and human trafficing in Asia
ED75.9007 Gender and development economics
ED76.01 Ecological principles for natual resources management
ED76.03 Forestry
ED76.04 Biodiversity and conservation
ED76.05 Integrated land use systems
ED76.06 Spatial information systems in natural resources management
ED76.07 Research design for NRM
ED76.09 Integrated natural resources management planning and policy
ED76.10 Land degradation monitoring and management
ED76.11 Natural resource economics
ED76.13 Natural resources degradation and conservation
ED76.14 Society and natural resources
ED76.16 Land evaluation and resource management
ED76.9003 Dynamic modeling of environmental systems
ED76.9004 Selected topc : soil and water conservation for agro-environmental management
ED76.9027 Carbon markets and cabon finance
ED77.01 Rural and regional development
ED77.03 Applied statistics for development planning
ED77.05 Rural development, gender and reources program
ED77.06 Regional planning techniques
ED77.07 Policy and socio-economic issues in integrated watershed development and management planning
ED77.08 Agricultural development and planning
ED77.11 Project planning and management
ED77.13 Rural regional planning workshop
ED77.14 Community development planning
ED77.15 NGO management, policy and development administration
ED77.16 Research design and methods
D77.17Rural regional planning workshop
ED77.18 Sustainable development theory and practices
ED77.9007 Selected topic on decentralization and governance
ED78.01 Environmental chemistry and laboratory
ED78.02 Biological processes
ED78.03 Physico-chemical processes
ED78.05 Waste reuse and recycling
ED78.06 Air pollution and air quality management
ED78.07 Solid waste management
ED78.08 Environmental quality mangement
ED78.09 Environmental management and ethics
ED78.10 Environmental health and sanitation
ED78.14 Membrane technology & wastewater treatment
ED78.15 Design of water supply and wastewater system
ED78.16 Applied microbiology and laboratory
ED78.17 Advanced processors for wastewater treatment, reuse and recycle
ED78.18 Toxic organics and trace metals in ecosystem
ED78.19 Environmental impact assessment
ED78.20 Industrial waste abatment and management
ED78.21 Water quality management
ED78.23 Hazardous waste treatement and management
ED78.24 Air pollution modeling and applications
ED78.24 Design of air pollution control systems
ED78.25 Principles of cleaner production
ED78.26 Sampling design
ED78.28 Health/environment risk and impact assessment
ED78.35 Wastewater treatment
ED78.36 Drinking water treatment
ED78.37 Air pollution engineering and management
ED78.38 Sampling design for environmental monitoring
ED78.41 Science of Climate Change and Environmental Co-benefit Analysis
ED78.9011 Selected topic : cost-benefit analysis of wastewater treatement systems
ED78.9013 Selected topic : advance chemical analysis
ED78.9016 Selected topic : applied microbiological laboratory
ED78.9018 Selected topic : GHG mitigation and energy recovery form waste
ED78.9025Carbon footprint analysis
ED78.9029Sustainable Consumption and Production
ED78.9030Environmentally Sound Management of Hazadours Wastes/Chemicals - An Introduction to International Conventions
ED79.01 Urban environmental management systems
ED79.02 UEM research methods and techniques
ED79.03 Urban planning and the built environment
ED79.04 Environmental science and technology for decision makers
ED79.05 Urbanization and environmental policy
ED79.06 Environmental auditing
ED79.07 Disaster mangement in urban environmental planning
ED79.10 Urban environmental planning and management workshop
ED79.12 Management of urban housing, infrastructure and services
ED79.13 Strategic environmental assessment for urban development
ED79.14 Governance and urban management
ED79.15 Urban economics and finance
ED79.16 Environmental conflict resolution and mediation
ED79.20 Urban planning and environmental design
ED79.71 Multivariate analysis for planning
ED79.9001 Systems analysis and quantitative methods
ED79.9002 Assessment and implemetation of development projects
ED79.9003 Gender analysis for urban environmental management
ED79.9014 Selected topic : receptor modeling for air pollution source apportionment
ED80.01 Analytical techniques and decision tools for agribusiness
ED80.02 Agro-industrial system development
ED80.04 Safety and standardization of food products
ED80.06 Trade policies in agri-business
ED80.9001Managerial and business economics
ED82.9006 Sustainable infrastructure development in the context fo climate change
ED82.9010Land use, climate change and adaptation
IN84.11 Mitigation of earthquake disasters
IN84.12 Floods and droughts
IN84.16 Climate prediction and early warning systems
IN84.21 Remote sensing and gis for disaster mitigation
IN84.31 Human conflicts and humanitarian emergency management
IN84.35 Planning and implementation of disaster emergency management
IN84.36 Community based disaster risk management
IN84.9005Disaster governance, policy and risk management
SY72.07 Multi-criterion decision models
SY81.06 VLSI design