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Request for ISBN/ISSN

Request for ISSN/ISBN for new journal/book to be published


1. Send your request via e-mail to AIT Library at library@ait.asia


2. You will have to fill in the form sent to you by AIT Library after having received your request. Alternatively, you may download the form attached here at this link:
  ISSN request form
    ISBN request form
  3. Return to AIT Library the completed form together with the title page and table of content in .pdf file of journal/book to be published.
  4. AIT Library will process your request by E-service of the National Library of Thailand
  5. The requested ISSN/ISBN can be issued in one day after the National Library of Thailand receives the request if the required document is submitted.
  6. AIT Library will inform the requestor of the ISSN/ISBN issued by the National Library of Thailand via e-mail
  7. The requester will have to send two copies of the published journal/book to AIT Library. These copies will be forwarded to the National Library of Thailand