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  Library services
  Question: What are the library office hours?
  Answer: The library open Monday – Sunday from 8.00 a.m. –10.30 p.m. but the office hours is Monday - Friday from 8.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
  Question: What shall we do if we want interlibrary loan service?
  Answer: Please contact Reference Librarian for Interlibrary loan Form or sent your request to ref@ait.asia .
  Question: Are journals lending?
  Answer: No, the journals are not lending, but they will be allowed only for photocopying.
  Question: Is CD-ROM of fulltext thesis lending?
  Answer: No, the CD-ROM of fulltext thesis is not lending.
  Question: Can we use reserve book and lecture note?
  Answer: The reserve book and lecture note are available as requested by faculty.
  Question: What should we do if we want to borrow past exam papers?
  Answer: Please contact Reference Librarian during the office hours – Monday – Friday, 8.00 a.m.- 4.30 p.m. However, you can check by searching Course ID (from local call number) or Course title (form title) which available for you to borrow at
  Access - online databases and library catalogue
  Question: At present, can we access AIT Library subscribed online resources and download fulltext?
  Answer: It you do not stay on campus and you want to access all the library's subscribed online database remotely, you will have to set VPN to connect to AIT network before you can access the library's databases. When VPN is successfully set up, just go to the Internet and input the URL link, for example,
  For your information, the guidelines for VPN set-up can be found from the following links:
  • For Windows operation systems, please download from this link:
  • for MAC operating systems, please download the guidelines form this link:
  If you have problem with the set-up of VPN, please sent your e-mail to helpdesk@ait.ac.th
  Question: Where can we find the information about the Library and the services?
  Answer: For library database searching, please access this URL link: http://libopac.ait.asia . For library web site at: http://www.library.ait.asia
  Book order
  Question: How are books selected?
  Answer: Professors within each school may submit order requests to the Program Coordinator, who is responsible for prioritizing and approving them. After selections have been approved by the program coordinator, they are forwarded to the Acquisitions Section of the Library for purchase.
  A periodical financial status report will be made available to faculty. Acquisitions staff may assist in classifying and sending lists of newly published books for faculty's selection.
  Reference materials are selected by the Reference Librarian, based on the recommendations of library and teaching faculty. A small general fund is reserved each year for the purchase of materials of general and/or inter-displinary natures, or of professional interest to librarians.
  Question: How are books ordered?
  Answer: Ordering of books/materials, except journals, will be handled by the acquisitions staff. Title, author, publisher, publication date, price and ISBN are essential for successful completion of each order request. A library request form is available from the library. (Download book order form) The library prefers to receive booklists with the desired titles circled or checked. Orders should be checked against the INNOPAC system to make sure that the library does not already have them.
  Order requests or suggested lists for purchase may include requester's name and academic unit for further processing. When the materials are received, catalogued and available for use, a printout will be sent to the name and academic unit listed or to the program coordinator, according to the choice of the academic unit.
  In case of RUSH or RESERVE books, the library will expedite such requests. At times faster service may mean additional costs, so please use this service only when necessary.
  Question: What is the policy for gifts of library materials?
  Answer: The AIT Library appreciates gifts of Library materials from the faculty, students and staff. However, due to space limitations, the Library can accept only those gifts that are most useful to the faculty, students and staff and that are falling within the scope of the curriculum. Thus, the following materials will not be accepted but maybe passed on to the other libraries where they could be used:
  •  Publications on the subjects not taught at AIT except the recreational publications
  •  Students' books reproduced for their own use
  •  Used books in poor condition
  •  Ephemeral publications
  Donors are asked to discuss potential gifts with the Library Head before bringing materials to the library. The AIT Library reserves the right to make final decisions on whether a gift item is added to the collection. For more information, please contact Khun Rungtiwa Saranyapipat at rungtiwa@ait.asia