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January 2015 InterSem 2015
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August 2015  
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Jan. 2015 : SERD-SET
  Field of Study: Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management
  IN84.16: Climate Prediction and Early Warning Systems
  IN84.36: Community-Based Disaster Risk Management
  IN84.01: Managing Disasters
  IN84.11: Mitigation of Earthquake Disasters
  IN84.35: Planning and Implementation of Disaster Emergency Management
Jan. 2015 : SOM
  Field of Study: Banking and Finance
  SM82.06: Advanced Topics in Internet Technology
  SM82.09: Growth and Development
  SM82.07: Risk Management
  Field of Study: Business Administration - DBA
  SM62.09: Academic Writing for Business Research
  SM62.05: Communication for Business Research and Teaching
  SM62.13: Quantitative Data Analysis
  Field of Study: Business Administration - MBA
  SM80.32: High Tech Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development
  SM80.06: Innovation Marketing and New Product Development
  SM80.09: International M&A, Alliances and Joint Ventures
  SM80.35: Project Finance and Risk Management
  SM80.16: Project Management
  SM80.9048: Selected Topic: Organization Development
  SM80.9028: Selected Topic: Service Marketing: Competing on Customer Experiences
  SM80.53: Strategy, Organization Design, and Leadership
  Field of Study: International Business
  SM71.42: Cross-Cultural Management
  Field of Study: International Business - Management of Technology (BKK)
  SM90.30: Financial and Management Accounting
  SM90.60: Innovation & Techno Entrepreneurship
  SM90.50: International Marketing
  SM90.20: Management & Transfer of Technology
  Field of Study: International Business - Management of Technology (VN)
  SM91.63: International Business
  SM91.53: International Business
  SM91.43: Managing Human Resource in Multinational Corporations
  SM91.9004: Selected Topic: Supply Chain Management
  Field of Study: Management of Technology
  SM70.02: Project Management
  School-wide Courses
  SM60.34 :Corporate Finance
  SM60.03: Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
  SM60.43: Human Resources Management
  SM60.62: Managing Technology for Competitiveness
  SM60.52: Marketing Management
  SM60.66: Operations Management
  SM60.82: Strategic Management of a Firm
Jan. 2015 : SET  
  Field of Study: Computer Science  
  AT70.15 : Advanced Topics in Internet Technology  
  AT70.09 : Computer Graphics and Animation  
  AT70.07 : Programming Languages and Compilers  
  AT70.9026 : Selected Topic: The Semantic Web and Linked Open Data  
  AT70.18 : Software Architecture Design  
  AT70.19 : Software Development and Quality Improvement Data  
  AT70.12 : Web Application Engineering  
  Field of Study: Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Management  
  CE70.41 : Infrastructure System Analysis and Management  
  CE70.22 : Legal and Contractual Risk Management  
  CE70.33 : Occupational Safety and Health Management in Construction Projects  
  CE70.43 : Project Financing  
  CE70.23 : Project Performance Management  
  CE70.9011 : Selected Topic: Applied Project Management in Commercial Projects  
  CE70.9009 : Selected Topic: Applied Project Management in High Rise Building Projects  
  CE70.9004: Selected Topic: Applied Project Management in High Rise Building Projects  
  CE70.9012:Selected Topic: Applied Project Management in Petrochemical Projects  
  CE70.9014: Selected Topic: Applied Project Management in Public Infrastructure  
  Field of Study: Design and Manufacturing Engineering  
  AT73.07 : Industrial Packaging Design and Technology  
  AT73.06 : Product Design and Development  
  Field of Study: Geotechnical and Earth Resources Engineering  
  CE71.65 : Exploration Geophysics  
  CE71.51 : Foundation Engineering and Design  
  CE71.56 : Ground Improvement Techniques  
  CE71.72 : Petroleum Production Engineering  
  CE71.70 : Petrophysics  
  CE71.61 : Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering  
  CE71.53 : Underground Excavation and Tunneling  
  CE71.63 : Workflow in Oil and Gas Operation  
  Field of Study: Industrial Engineering & Management  
  AT72.09 : Inventory and Logistics Management  
  AT72.11 : Modeling and Simulation of Discrete Event Systems  
  AT72.9012 : Selected Topic: ISE Seminar II  
  AT72.08 : Stochastic Decision Models  
  Field of Study: Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering  
  AT78.24 : Basic Statistics and Data Analysis  
  AT78.22 : Forecasting and Aggregate Planning Models  
  AT78.23 : Modern Production Logistics  
  AT78.21 : Quantitative Methods for Management  
  Field of Study: Information & Communications Technologies  
  AT80.02 : Information and Communication Technology Applications: Project Design  
  Field of Study: Information Management  
  AT71.04 : Decision Support TechnologiesApplications: Project Design  
  AT71.06 : Human-Computer Interaction  
  AT71.05 : Information Systems Development and Management  
  Field of Study: Mechatronics  
  AT74.05 : AI and Neuro-Fuzzy Theory  
  AT74.07 : Automation Technology  
  AT74.08 : Microprocessor Systems  
  AT74.06 : Pattern Recognition and Image Processing  
  Field of Study: Microelectronics and Embedded Systems  
  AT81.11 : Mixed Signal IC Design  
  Field of Study: Nanotechnology  
  AT79.13 : Advanced Seminars in Nanotechnology  
  AT79.03 : Intellectual Property Rights for Technology Development and Management  
  AT79.9001 : Selected Topic: Fundamentals of Bionanotechnology  
  AT79.01 : Self Assembly and Molecular Manufacturing  
  AT79.04 : Solid State Physics for Nanotechnology  
  Field of Study: Offshore Technology and Management  
  CE81.73 : Fabrication Engineering and Marine Operation  
  CE81.71 : Introduction to Offshore Structural Engineering  
  CE81.9008 : Selected Topic: Economic Risk and Decision Analysis for Oil and Gas Industry  
  CE81.9027 : Selected Topic: Project Management in Oil & Gas Industry  
  CE81.9011 : Selected Topic: Subsea Technology  
  Field of Study: Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems  
  AT76.18 : Advance Mapping Techniques  
  AT76.16 : Advanced Application Development in GIS  
  AT76.09 : Digital Image Processing in Remote Sensing  
  AT76.01 : Geographic Information Systems  
  AT76.03 : Remote Sensing  
  AT76.9033 : Selected Topic: Computation of GNSS & Location  
  AT76.9019 : Selected Topic: Data Modeling for Geospatial Information  
  AT76.9032 : Selected Topic: Microwave Remote Sensing  
  AT76.17 : Spatial Analysis Methods in GIS  
  Field of Study: Structural Engineering  
  CE72.12 : Finite Element Methods in Engineering  
  CE72.62 : Forensic Engineering Structural Evaluation and Retrofitting of Structures   
  CE72.32 : Tall Buildings  
  CE72.22 : Wind and Earthquake Engineering  
  Field of Study: Telecommunications  
  AT77.13 : Digital Communications  
  AT77.17 : Network QoS  
  AT77.18 : Optical Network  
  AT77.9026 : Selected Topic: Basic Satellite Communications  
  Field of Study: Transportation Engineering  
  CE73.40 : Advanced Geometric Design and Highway Safety  
  CE73.32 : Design and Performance of Highway and Airport Pavement  
  CE73.9005 : Selected Topic: Logistics Systems  
  CE73.39 : Traffic System Analysis and Control  
  CE73.37 : Transportation Demand Modeling and Forecasting  
  Field of Study: Water Engineering and Management  
  CE74.52 : Groundwater Development and Management  
  CE74.54 : Integrated Water Resources Management  
  CE74.22 : Irrigation and Drainage Systems Management  
  CE74.53 : Land and Water Conservation and Management  
  CE74.55 : Modeling of Water Resources Systems  
  CE74.9002 : Selected Topic: Climate Change and Water Resources  
  CE74.9003 : Selected Topic: Design of Irrigation and Hydraulic Structures  
  CE74.9001 : Selected Topic: Research Design and Experimental Methods  
  CE74.42 : Urban Drainage Management  


Jan. 2015 : SERD  
  Field of Study: AgriBusiness Management  
  ED80.01 : Analytical Techniques and Decision Tools for Agribusiness  
  ED80.02 : Agro-Industrial System Development  
  Field of Study: Agricultural Systems & Engineering  
  ED70.01: Farm Production Engineering  
  ED70.17 : Crop Eco-physiology and Modeling  
  ED70.22 : Advanced Agricultural Experimentation  
  Field of Study: Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management  
  ED71.01: Analytical Techniques in Aquaculture  
  ED71.09: Coastal and Inland Fisheries Management  
  ED71.28: Aquaculture Planning and Management  
  ED71.29: Genetics and Biotechnology in Aquaculture  
  ED71.43: Thesis Research Workshop  
  Field of Study: Climate Change and Sustainable Development  
  ED82.01: Emission Mitigation in the International Context  
  ED82.9005:Selected Topic: Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security  
  Field of Study: Energy  
  ED72.13: Development and Evaluation of Energy Projects  
  ED72.19: Biomass Conversion  
  ED72.20: Workshop on Energy Issues and Communication  
  ED72.21: Power System Dynamic and Stability  
  ED72.22: Power Sector Management Under Deregulation  
  ED72.23: Optimization and AI Applications in Power System  
  ED72.25: Energy Economic Modeling and Policy Analysis  
  ED72.28: Solar Energy  
  Field of Study: Environmental Engineering and Management  
  ED78.01: Environmental Chemistry & Laboratory  
  ED78.08: Environmental Quality Management  
  ED78.10: Environmental Health and Sanitation  
  ED78.17: Advanced Processes for Wastewater Treatment Reuse and Recycling  
  ED78.19: Environmental Impact Assessment  
  ED78.20: Industrial Waste Abatement and Management  
  ED78.21: Water Quality Management  
  ED78.24: Design of Air Pollution Control Systems  
  ED78.38: Sampling Design for Environmental Monitoring  
  ED78.9027: Selected Topic: Design of Air Pollution Control System: Case Study  
  ED78.9028: Selected Topic: Sustainable Sanitation in Developing Countries  
  Field of Study: Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology  
  ED73.06: Food Engineering Operations  
  ED73.09: Engineering Properties of Food Materials  
  ED73.12: Advanced Bioprocess Technology Application  
  ED73.13: Bioprocess Practica  
  Field of Study: Gender and Development Studies  
  ED75.06: Gender, Culture and Human Development  
  ED75.07: Gender Analysis and Gender Responsive Development Planning  
  ED75.11: Gender Politics, Civil Society and Human Rights  
  ED75.9005: Selected Topic: Gender Migration and Human Trafficking in Asia  
  Field of Study: Natural Resources Management  
  ED76.04: Biodiversity and Conservation  
  ED76.09: Integrated Natural Resources Planning and Policy  
  ED76.11: Natural Resource Economics  
  ED76.15: Research Design for Natural Resources Management  
  ED76.16: Land Resources Management  
  Field of Study: Regional and Rural Development Planning  
  ED77.05: Rural Urban Relations  
  ED77.11: Project Planning and Management  
  ED77.14: Community Development Planning  
  ED77.15: NGO Management, Policy and Development Administration  
  ED77.16: Research Design and Methods  
  ED77.17: Rural Regional Planning Workshop  
  ED77.9007: Selected Topic: Decentralization and Governance  
  Field of Study: Urban Environmental Management  
  ED79.04: Environmental Science and Technology for Decision Makers  
  ED79.05: Urbanization and Environmental Policy  
  ED79.10: Urban Environmental Planning and Management Workshop  
  ED79.11: UEM Research Design  
  ED79.13:Strategic Environmental Assessment for Urban Development  





InterSem 2015 : SET  
  Field of Study: Computer Science  
  AT70.16 : Computational Geometry and Applications  
  AT70.13 : Computer Security  
  AT70.20 : Machine Vision for Robotics and HCI  
  Field of Study: Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Management  
  CE70.12 : Organizational Mangement in Construction  
  CE70.11 : Project Cost and Financial Management  
  CE70.14 : Quality Management in Construction  
  CE70.9010 : Selected Topic : Construction Business and Project Simulation  
  Field of Study : Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering  
  AT78.26 : Factorial and Related Designs  
  AT78.29 : Inventory Control  
  AT78.27 : Scheduling Theories and Practices  
  Field of Study : Information Management  
  AT71.9002 : Selected Topic : Seminar in Electronic Government  
  Field of Study : Remote Sensing abd Geographic Information Systems  
  AT76.13 : Remote Sensing Data Analysis  
  AT76.9023 : Selected Topic : GIS for Health  
  AT76.9028 : Selected Topic : Geoinformatics for Coastal Zone Surveillance and Shoreline Defense  
  AT76.9034 : Selected Topic : Geospatial Data Processing  
  AT77.9027 : Selected Topic : Cellular Network Planning  


InterSem 2015 : SOM  
  Field of Study: Business Administration - MBA  
  SM80.14: International Finance  
  SM80.29 : International Economics  
  Field of Study: International Business - Management of Technology (BKK)  
  SM90.03 : EMBA Project  
  SM90.60 : Innovation & Techno Entrepreneurship  
  Field of Study: International Business - Management of Technology (VN)  
  SM91.41 : Organizational Behavior and Structure  
  SM91.43 : Managing Human Resource in Multinational Corporations  
  SM91.89 : Case Research Practicum  
  SM91.9012: Selected Topic: International Investment and Portfolio  
  Field of Study: Management of Technology  
  SM60.62 : Managing Technology for Competitiveness  
  SM70.02 : Project Management  
August 2015 : SERD  
  Field of Study: Agribusiness Management  
  ED80.03: Agribusiness Management : Principles and Practices  
  ED80.04: Safety and standardization of Food Products  
  ED80.05: Agri-Food Supply Chain Management  
  Field of Study : Agricultural System & Engineering  
  ED70.03: Agricultural System Analysis  
  ED70.07: Agricultural Environments  
  ED70.08: Crop Productivity Management  
  ED70.12: Precision Agriculture  
  ED70.21: Agricultural Sector and Policy analysis  
  Field of Study : Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management  
  ED71.04: Aquatic Seed Production  
  ED71.25: Aquaculture and Aqautic Resource Systems  
  ED71.26: Coastal and Inland Aquaculture  
  ED71.36: Aquaculture Nutrition and Feed Technology  
  ED71.37: Wetlands Ecosystems Management  
  ED71.9010: Seletec Topic : Aquaculture Business Management : Issues and Tools  
  Field of Study : Climate Change and Sustainable Development  
  ED82.9007: Selected Topic : Climate Change Impact, Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment Method  
  ED82.9010: Slected Topic: Land Use, Climate Change and Adaptation  
  ED82.9006: Selected Topic: Sustainable Infrastructure Development in the Context of Climate Change  
  Field of Study : Energy  
  ED72.01: Energy Resources and Technologies  
  ED72.06: Design and Management of Energy systems  
  ED72.07: Power System Design and Operation  
  ED72.08: Power Distribution Systems  
  ED72.10: Computer Aided Power System Analysis  
  ED72.12: Energy Statisticsand Energy Demand Forecasting  
  ED72.26: Environmental Policy and Management of Energy System  
  ED72.30: Energy: Environment and Climate Change : Issues and Strategies  
  ED72.37: Integrated Approach to Energy Auditing  
  ED72.9020: Selected Topic : Rational Use of Energy in Bulidings  
  ED72.9024: Selected Topic: Energy Management Systems  
  ED72.9027: Selected Topic: Carbon Markets and Carbon Finance  
  Field of Study : Environmental Engineering and Management  
  ED78.01: Environmental Chemistry of Laboratory  
  ED78.07: Solid Waste Management  
  ED78.22: Air Pollution Engineering and Management  
  ED78.23: Hazardous Waste Technology and Management  
  ED78.25: Principles of Cleaner Production  
  ED78.36: Drinking Water Treatement  
  ED78.37: Air Pollution Engineering and Management  
  ED78.9030: Selected Topic: Environmentally Sound Management of Hazardous Wastes Chemicals : An Introduction to Internationa Convention  
  Field of Study : Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology  
  ED73.01: Food Process Engineering  
  ED73.03: Bioprocess Technology  
  ED73.9002: Selected Topic: Processing Effects on Functional Components of Foods  
  Field of Study: Gender and Development Studies  
  ED75.01: Gender and Development : Principles and Concepts  
  ED75.03: Gender Enterprises and Organizations  
  ED75.08: New Technologies, Industrials Section and Gender  
  ED75.9010: Selected Topic : Gender and Development Communication  
  ED75.9011: Selected Topic: Gender and Social Research Methods Part I  
  Field of Study: Natural Resources Management  
  ED76.01: Ecological Principles for Natural Resources Management  
  ED76.02: Natural Resources Management Issues in Asia  
  ED76.05: Integrated Land Use Management Systems  
  ED76.13: Natural Resources Degradation and Conservation  
  ED76.14: Social and Natural Resources Management  
  ED76.17: Geospatial Techniques in Natural Resources Management  
  Field of Study : Regional and Rural Development Planning  
  ED77.01: Rural and Regional Development  
  ED77.06: Regional Planning Techniques  
  ED77.08: Agricultural Development Planning  
  Field of Study: Urban Environmental Management  
  ED79.01: Urban Environmental Management systems  
  ED79.02: Urban Environmental Management (UEM) Research Methods and Techniques  
  ED79.03: Urban Planning and the Built Environment  
August 2015 : SERD  
  Field of Study: Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management  
    IN84.01: Managing Disaster  
    IN84.12 : Floods and Droughts  
    IN84.21: Managing Disasters  
    IN84.31:Human Conflicts and Humanitarian Emergency Managements  
    IN84.9002: Selected Topic : Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance  
    IN84.9004: Selected Topic: School and Disaster Risk Reduction  
August 2015 : SOM  
  Field of Study: Business Administration - MBA   
    SM80.20 : Managing and Implementing Electronic and Mobile Commerce  
    SM80.25 : Managing Human Resources in Multinational Corporations  
    SM80.31 : Management of Innovation  
    SM80.32 : High Tech Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development  
    SM80.42 : Knowledge Enabled Customer Relationship Management  
    SM80.49 : Valuation and Investment Banking  
    SM80.50 : Strategic Supply Chain Management  
    SM80.55 : Choice and Transfer of Energy Technologies  
    SM80.9043 : Selected Topic: Strategic Brand Management  
    SM80.9046 : Selected Topic: Consumer Behavior  
    SM80.9047 : Selected Topic: Real Estate Financial Modeling  
    SM80.9049 : Selected Topic: Leadership  
  Field of Study: International Business - Management of Technology (BKK)   
    SM90.03 : EMBA Project  
  Field of Study: Management  
    SM62.07 : Qualitative Research Methods  
    SM62.12 : Foundation for Management Research  
    SM62.9011 : Selected Topic: Research Methodology: Quantitative Approach  
  School-wide Courses  
    SM60.04 : Business Communications  
    SM60.12 : Business Statistics  
    SM60.22 : Managerial Economics  
    SM60.33 : Managerial Accounting  
    SM60.42 : Organizational Behavior and Structure  
    SM60.65 : Quantitative Methods for Management  
    SM60.67 : Managing Technology for Competitiveness  
August 2015 : SET
Field of Study: Computer Science 
  AT70.02 : Data Structures & Algorithms
  AT70.03 : Theory of Computing
  AT70.05 : Computer Networks
  AT70.12 : Web Application Engineering
Field of Study: Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Management 
  CE70.11 : Project Cost and Financial Management
  CE70.12 : Organizational Management in Construction
  CE70.13 : Research Methodology in the Built Environment
  CE70.21 : Integrated Project Planning and Control
  CE70.44 : Communication and Negotiation Skills for Project Managers
Field of Study: Design and Manufacturing Engineering 
  AT73.02 : Advanced Manufacturing Process
  AT73.03 : Engineering Metrology
  AT73.05 : Eco-Design and Manufacturing System
  AT73.07 : Industrial Packaging Design and Technology
  AT73.14 : Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
  AT73.16 : CAE&CAM for Product Development
Field of Study: Geotechnical and Earth Resources Engineering 
  CE71.12 : Rock Mechanics
  CE71.13 : Advanced Soil Mechanics and Testings
  CE71.31 : Engineering Geology
  CE71.41 : Analytical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
  CE71.66 : Petroleum Reservoir Engineering
  CE71.68 : Well Logging Interpretation
  CE71.69 : Fundamentals of Geosystem Exploration
  CE71.71 : Drilling & Well Completion Operation
Field of Study: Industrial Engineering & Management 
  AT72.01 : Deterministic Optimization Models
  AT72.02 : Production and Operations Management
  AT72.03 : Statistical Models and Design of Experiments
  AT72.05 : Quality Control and Management
  AT78.25 : Simulation Modeling
  AT78.28 : Supply Chain Management
  AT78.30 : Maintenance Management
  AT78.31 : Statistical Quality Control
  AT72.9010 : Selected Topic: ISE Seminar
Field of Study: Information & Communications Technologies 
  AT80.01 : Information and Communication Technology Applications: Users and Producers
Field of Study: Information Management 
  AT71.01 : Database Design
  AT71.03 : E-Business Development and Technology
  AT71.07 : Information Retrieval and Data Mining
Field of Study: Mechatronics 
  AT74.01 : Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms and Robots
  AT74.02 : Control Theory
  AT74.03 : Sensing and Actuation
  AT74.04 : Digital and Analog Circuit Design
  AT74.9012 : Selected Topic: Advanced Bio and Medical Engineering
Field of Study: Microelectronics and Embedded Systems 
  AT81.01 : Microelectronics Fabrication Technology
  AT81.05 : Analog Integrated Circuit Design
  AT81.15 : Embedded Systems Architecture
Field of Study: Nanotechnology 
  AT79.02 : Impact of Nanotechnology on the Society
  AT79.08 : Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
  AT79.12 : Characterization Tools in Nanotechnology
  AT79.13 : Advanced Seminars in Nanotechnology
  AT79.9001: Selected Topic: Fundamentals of Bionanotechnology
Field of Study: Offshore Technology and Management 
  CE81.71 : Introduction to Offshore Structural Engineering
  CE81.81 : The Economics of Oil and Gas
  CE81.9024 : Selected Topic: Probability, Statistics and Uncertainty for Oil and Gas Decision Making
  CE81.9026 : Selected Topic: Introduction to Upstream Oil & Gas Operations and HSE Aspects
  CE81.9029 : Selected Topic : Principles of leadership
Field of Study: Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems 
  AT76.01 : Geographic Information Systems
  AT76.03 : Remote Sensing
  AT76.9021 : Selected Topic: WebGIS Technology
  AT76.9026 : Selected Topic: Introduction to Spatial Information Engineering
  AT76.9029 : Selected Topic: Introduction to Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  AT76.9030 : Selected Topic: Aerospace Technology
Field of Study: Structural Engineering 
  CE72.11 : Computer Methods of Structural Analysis
  CE72.21 : Structural Dynamics
  CE72.41 : Advanced Concrete Technology
  CE72.52 : Advanced Concrete Structures
Field of Study: Telecommunications
  AT77.02 : Signals, Systems and Stochastic Processes
  AT77.04 : Data Communications
  AT77.11 : Digital Modulation Techniques
  AT77.19 : Optimization for Communications and Networks
  AT77.9026 : Selected Topic: Basic Satellite Communications
Field of Study: Transportation Engineering 
  CE73.11 : Transportation Systems
  CE73.15 : Public Transportation Systems
  CE73.36 : Transportation Planning Methods and Analysis
  CE73.37 : Transportation Demand Modeling and Forecasting
Field of Study: Water Engineering and Management 
  CE74.11 : Watershed Hydrology
  CE74.12 : Hydrodynamics
  CE74.13 : Water Resources Systems
  CE74.14 : Concepts in Water Modeling
  CE74.21 : Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  CE74.41 : Water Supply and Sanitation
  CE74.54 : Integrated Water Resources Management






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